TBOX is a mobile app that helps you to :

  • Clean Your SMS Inbox
  • Intelligently Organize and make your inbox truly smart
  • Secure your messages
  • Do full messaging
  • Send free messages from TBOX to TBOX
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Clean Inbox !

Our initiative for a Swachh (Clean) SMS Inbox. Mark unwanted smses spam and block sender.

Organize and Manage

Organize your personal and business messages to various categories like Family or Shopping respectively. uto smart tags assigned to your business messages.

Safe and Secure

Secure a category by making it password-protected. When you make a category secure, messages can be viewed only after entering a valid pin


Smart Labels and My Labels

Smart Labels are system defined labels which automatically filters and categorizes all your messages without any configuration. My Labels are user defined labels.

Backup and Restore

Now backup and restore your messages on our cloud storage.

What is TBOX?

TBOX helps you clean your SMS inbox in three easy steps:

  • Step 1: Verify your mobile number
  • Step 2: Make TBOX your default messaging app (For 4.4+)
  • Step 3: Receive new messages in TBOX

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Smart Label and My Label ?

Smart Labels are system defined labels used to categorize common smses received from various businesses like Banks, expense, etc.
My Labels are similar to Smart Labels but it can be defined, edited and deleted by user. Details in the video below.

What is archiving, auto-archiving and sms backup ? How can I do that?

Refer the video below for detailed illustration.

Will it be available for iOS and Windows?

Currently TBOX is only available for Android 4.0 or higher phones. We do not have any immediate plans to support iOS and Windows.

What is TBOX?

TBOX is an android app that helps you organize your business SMS messages. These are messages that are sent to you when you transact/interact with a business. Some businesses send you promotional messages related to deals and offers. Most of these messages come from short code (5 digit number), long code (10 digit number) or 6 digit sender id (e.g. LM-HDFCBK). We have over time developed a database of such numbers. We do not touch your personal messages (e.g. messages sent by your family, friends, relatives, individuals).

Why should I use TBOX?

  • You should use TBOX if you get lot of promotional messages. TBOX cleans your default SMS inbox by moving promotional messages to TBOX.
  • It helps you organize important business messages e.g. all messages from HDFC, ICICI and Citibank are shown under banks.
  • If your personal messages are buried under promotional messages, TBOX is for you.
  • Also, If you want a peace of mind from frequent sound alerts due to incoming promotional messages, TBOX is for you.

Will you charge the customer in future for the App?

We have no plans to charge customers in future.

Why do I need to make 'TBOX' as default messaging app? (For Android Kitkat 4.4+)

You need to make TBOX as default messaging app ONLY for Android Kitkat to enable messaging features like message - send, forward,delete,etc and organize existing messages to various categories for personal and business messages.

What is auto archiving?

TBOX is enabled with a feature of automatically archiving messages which are older than 30 days or more. This will help to keep your inbox clean and see only the messages which are of importance to you currently. Archiving doesn't delete your messages, instead it stores them in another folder for your future viewing.

How do I mark a sender as spam?

A sender can be marked spam by swiping to right on any sender and tapping on the spam icon. For other options, view the video below.

What are the various sms actions ?

Refer the video below for detailed illustration.

What happens when some error occurs during install? Will I lose my messages?

No, you will not lose your message in any circumstance. It will be available on your phone in either of the three forms in any circumstance:

  • In TBOX app after successful move
  • In both default SMS app and TBOX app if you choose 'keep a copy in default SMS app' during installation
  • In default SMS app, if it failed before moving messages
In all cases, before working on messages, we create an encrypted backup on your phone.

What is 'Email Backup'?

This feature allows you to get a backup of your sms messages as a secured pdf attachment to your email. When you click on 'Email Backup', you will be asked to choose an email id. You can only send backup to email ids associated with your android phone. After an email is sent, we will send you a notification with one time pin required to open the secured PDF file.

What is 'Restore' messages?

This feature is for you if you had installed a previous version of TBOX and for some reason decided to uninstall it. We dont let you lose those messages. You can restore messages from previous install by clicking on 'Restore'.

How do I archive a message?

A message can be archived by long pressing the particular message and tapping on the 'Archive' option, otherwise tapping on dropdown menu available on top right hand side of each message and selecting 'Archive'

How do I compose a new message?

You can compose a new message by tapping on the compose icon (message icon with plus sign) on top bar.

How can I forward/share sms message?

You can forward a message by long pressing the particular sms and selecting the 'Forward' option. Otherwise you can tap on the menu available on top right corner of each message and select 'Forward', also you can forward the message through email by selecting 'Forward to Email'.

More questions?

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Story Behind TBOX !

A genuine problem that we faced specially during working hours and night was message alerts due to lot of messages from banks, e-commerce companies and many more business houses. Lot of times it came at odd hours in night. These messages were either transaction related info or marketing promotions and had little or no bearing on day to day working. Also, it cluttered our regular SMS inbox. Personal message from loved ones got lost under such business messages and it was difficult to find important messages. We thought that these messages can be managed better and thus started working on tbox app.

This is our attempt to give you some peace of mind from the business messages that you receive everyday. We are working really hard to improve this app. We have been using it for some time and have loads of ideas about how we can improve further. To send your ideas, send an email to mihir@tboxapp.in

What do people think?

Good one Undoubtedly a good app. Helpful and useful. I can not think my phone without this app.

Scott Eia

Awesome work !!! I like the pin protection of folders. You can protect your messages from others by securing it. Kudos to the developer.

Khemendra Pratap

I love this. It totally works than I thought it would.

Carrie Berge

Good work That's how a problem is solved :). Nice work. You guys really understood the problems with current SMS app and then solved them precisely.

Ashvin Sharma

Great utility app Organizing messages made super easy

Ranjeev Kumar

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