Getting Started with TBOX Web !

Now sms anyone with the convenience of your desktop or laptop. Just follow the following steps and you will be on your way to start using TBOX Web. Incase you face any issue, feel free to contact us !

Step 1: Enable TBOX Web

Enable TBOX Web from TBOX App's setting as illustrated above, if you don't find this option in your phone kindly update to the latest version of TBOX from Google Play Store.

Step 2: Create an Account in TBOX Web (

On clicking 'Create an Account', you will come to the signup page. Enter all details and on submit you will receive an One Time Password(OTP) on your TBOX App. Be sure your smart phone is connected to internet.

Step 3: Verify yourself and Create Password

Verify yourself with the OTP received on your TBOX app and create a password to complete the signup process. If you face any delay in receiving OTP just come back aftr sometime to the homepage and select "Verify Me" when you recive the OTP. If you don't receive OTP at all write to us at

Step 4: Sign In and Start Using TBOX

After you create password, you will receive a success confirmation on your TBOX App, now you can start using TBOX on web. Now seamlessly access your sms over App and Desktop/Laptop.